Dota Coffee - One Fantastic Bean

Dota Coffee BeansThere is a great coffee, well known to some but hardly heard of by most. This coffee offers a unique flavor all its own thanks to a region inside of Costa Rica, where it is grown and harvested every year. In this area, with medium to high elevations and a cool climate, coffee flourishes. This coffee is from the renowned growing region of Tarrazu, a world famous place where some of the world's best coffee is grown and harvested.

Introduction to Dota / Tarrazu Area Coffees

Dota Coffee Ground San Marcos de Tarrazú is the capital the Tarrazú grownig region, located in the province of San José, Costa Rica. The elevation here is nearly 4,700 feet, which is a perfect elevation for coffee cherries to grow. In addition, mountain peaks surrounding the area, where coffee is also grown, reach elevations as high as 9,800 feet. This has made the area best known for the highest quality green coffee beans.

Dota coffee is often grown on the sides of these peaks, where the sun bathes the coffee cherries each morning and heavy cloud cover creates a shade grown coffee atmosphere in the afternoon and evening. Dota / Tarrazu coffees grow in reddish colored soil left behind hundreds, or even thousands of years ago by area volcanoes. The pourus soil helps distribute fresh rain forest water to the roots of the coffee plants.

Popular Coffee Regions by U.S. Retailers

Dota Coffee CupDota & Tarrazu area coffee beans are a very popular source for coffee companies, especially in the United States. Companies such as Starbucks® (Monte Redondo elevation 3,772 feet), Cafe Britt® (Monte Cielo elevation 2,000 feet) and Old Chicago Coffee® (San Marcos elevation 4,688 feet) source some of their coffee offerings from these areas while many other companies source their green coffee beans from other nearby growing regions such as Santa Maria, San Pablo, San Lorenzo & San Carlos, but the San Marcos and Santa Maria areas are known for the best of the best and considered the two places within the Tarrazu area to offer a rare bean with a most unique flavor thanks to the higher elevation of these areas along with mixed canopy coverage (shade grown areas).

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