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Dota Coffee BeansDuring the first calender quarter of each year the coffee beans in the Dota region are harvested. This harvest is done with precision, usually by hand where each cherry is examined by workers for quality as they are picked. Dota is a rare coffee with strong aroma and a wonderful body. Coffee shops often offer Dota at a premium price as it is considered a very high quality cup of coffee.

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Going back in time about 150 years, the Dota region was known better as Tarrazu since the terrain was accessed by most from the Tarrazu side of the valley, where it was more common to come and go from the area. Today, Dota is often separted as its own region since the coffee is slightly different from the Tarrazu side of the valley, however many retailers, especially in the U.S. & Canada, still label packaging containing Dota coffee as Tarrazu since its well known throughout the world by consumers.

The Dota region enjoys a lot of sunlight (over 2,000 hours per year) as well as a preferred climate with temperatures often averaging out at around 65 degrees (F). The area still sees plenty of rain as well. Dota coffee is often grown on the side of the mountains that see the most sun in the morning, and gentle cloud cover in the afternoon. Coffee beans in this area enjoy a lot of water, a lot of sun and a comfortable temperature. Nature's way of making a great coffee bean.

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Dota Coffee CupMany coffee roasters around the world love the way beans roast from this region, where it is often said that they have a unique shape which allows for a more even roast throughout. If you ever wanted to visit a coffee plantation, the Dota valley area is great place to start. All popular tourist spots in Costa Rica which see visitors from around the world, including many from major coffee brands, is summarized here.

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