Where Dota Coffee Beans Come From

Dota Coffee BeansDota coffee beans originated in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. The valley of the Tarrazu coffee region is split, where one side is mainly known as Tarrazu and the other side is known as Dota.

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Coffee came to Costa Rica between 1795 and 1798 (nobody knows exactly when for sure). For Central American coffees, it all started here in Costa Rica. This country was the first to harvest coffee by the masses within Central America and open up the doors for trade throughout the world. The Dota & Tarrazu areas are among the most preferred with rich soil consisting of red volcanic rock, temperatures often hovering around 65 degrees fahrenheit and plenty of sunlight every morning. This makes the region a preferred location for coffee farmers.

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Did you know?

The number one traded commodity in the world is oil. Do you know what the number two traded commondity is? You guessed it, coffee.


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